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poto20in20's Journal

Phantom of the Opera - 20in20
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Phantom of the Opera- 20in20


Like all of the 20in20 communities on LiveJournal, this one is also based on the original- celeb20in20. This one in particular is for Phantom of the Opera .. and it's many forms.

Instead of claiming a character or adaptation, all you need to do is sign up.

All adaptations (movies, book, musical & the musical sequel- Love Never Dies) are acceptable to use as image sources.

Themes will feature things like characters, ships, colors, techniques, etc. etc.
The category will be based on one of the songs from the musicals or a quote from the book.
Artist's choice, obviously, is completely up to the participant.


(this is a rough estimate and subject to change)

Sign Ups will be open until the end of the round
Themes will be posted on the 10th
Voting will begin on the 21st
Winners will be announced on the 28th

Voting will consist of four entries: two for themes, one for the category and one for the artist's choice.

Winners will be awarded in: best icon per theme, top set (or top three sets depending on the number of participants) + top three individual icons (or top five depending on the number of participants) for both the category and artist's choice.


1) All icons must meet LJ standards (under 40kb, 100x100 or less, etc.)
2) All icons must be newly made, specifically for the Round and made by you
3) Animation is allowed
4) Please keep all entries public until voting has concluded.
5) Post three teaser icons (no more, no less) with a link to your set. You may also post to the community if you wish.



Accepting all 20in20 comms and anything Phantom of the Opera related.
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